In the commons area at Warhill High School in Williamsburg, dozens of rising ninth grade students scramble about, racing against a timer to build something out of mundane materials like scraps of fabric, duct tape, pipe cleaner, plastic buckets, belts and their own wild imaginations.

The challenge — to create a more innovative backpack — was being led by Mark Hofer, professor of education, and Lindy Johnson, assistant professor of English education at William & Mary. It was intended to serve as an example of design thinking — a concept these students will come to know very well during their freshman year of high school.  Continue Reading 

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Josh Chung is a second-year Masters student in the Higher Education Administration program at the College of William and Mary. He has been a photographer, EMT, and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Among Josh's many varied interests, he is currently interested in researching user interface and user experience (UIUX) in instructional design.